Band Aid 30

Alas, the “new” version of “Do They Know it’s Christmas” has been unleashed upon us. I really hope that this endeavor does in fact raise funds for those in need, because otherwise it is a complete waste. Other than getting to see Bono arrive at a studio in a black peacoat and put a spin on the same portion of the song that he sung 30 years ago. Other than getting to see Bob Geldof, looking like father time, have to endure the X Factor circus to introduce this new version.

I immediately had to watch the real deal, the deliciously 80s, and so very British version, to cleanse my palate. I’ll take Bono, Duran Duran, Sting, Boy George, George Michaels, Geldof, et. al over whoever was in the new video any day.

Also, I played this for a few of my students last week and they were transfixed. One girl asked if Boy George was a woman, and when I said no, she asked why he liked to look like that. All I could say was, it makes him happy. Then I told her Bono is my boyfriend. A few days later I heard her telling another girl that I have a boyfriend in a band. Ha!


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