Now I’m in Some Kind of Holiday Spirit!

While listening to RuPaul holiday hits on Youtube, I stumbled upon RuPaul’s Christmas Special from 1993!

Everything is better with RuPaul. And the crazy line-up of guest stars?! Boy George brought his perfect eyeliner game and a reggae love song. Laura Kightlinger as an entertainment reporter! BELINDA CARLISLE! with holiday survival tips. Michael Alig (I’m pretty sure) huffing glue and playing with a drill.

The Laugh-In style cut-aways and the set with windows that everyone pops out of with silly quips! Michael West as Liza Minelli! Taylor Dayne! EARTHA KITT! Pre-recorded holiday greetings from Nirvana and En Vogue and Little Richard!

It’s hard to find good background information on the cast, but Linda Simpson, the “Thinking Woman’s Drag Queen,” has great backstage photos and names of everybody.


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