2015-03-07 12.47.44

Oh Todd, if only that were possible.

2015-03-07 12.53.38

April 27,1972 Prime Jagger.

2015-03-07 13.02.46

2015-03-07 13.03.54

A granola ad. This is such a far cry from the modern days ads in Rolling Stone.

2015-03-07 13.07.55

2015-03-07 13.08.30

2015-03-07 13.12.51

2015-03-07 13.28.05

2015-03-07 13.27.36

Damn. It’s time I get into Randy Newman. At least his stuff before cartoon accompaniments.

2015-03-07 13.48.03

2015-03-07 13.56.16

Now there’s a sock ad. Thanks 1972.

2015-03-07 14.03.56

Tina and Bowie welcome us to June 1985.

2015-03-07 14.04.30

Aidan and Bono? If I ever were to see those to together, particularly in 1985, I would have evaporated. Spontaneous combustion.

2015-03-07 14.04.38

Lately I’ve been re-appreciating Bryan Adams. He’s vegan! Look at Tina being a boss.

2015-03-07 14.06.47

Look at those tresses on Tilbrook.

2015-03-07 14.17.25

Oh Lou.

2015-03-07 14.17.43

I know he’s had his questionable moments, but I still like him. I used to sneak down to the living room when I couldn’t sleep and find my dad watching his show. I probably didn’t keep my eyes open long after crawling up into his lap, but I absorbed an essence. Plus I always knew whatever my dad thought was cool, was legit.

2015-03-07 14.24.05

Stipe in coveralls. It’s crazy that Peter Buck is the most attractive in this photo. For a brief moment in time. Mike Mills makes everyone who ever had a bowl cut feel a little bit better.

2015-03-07 14.26.16

Sigh. Where can I find my Bruce? I’m listening to Born to Run (the album) as I type this.

2015-03-07 14.28.48

I didn’t know this was a book first! or that Alan Zweibel wrote it!!! I need to read it. The movie was fantastic, and Zweibel, I hold in high esteem for his time at SNL and moreover, his special kinship with Gilda Radner. Read Bunny Bunny.

2015-03-07 14.34.27

1985 wouldn’t be complete without a bit of Madge.

2015-03-07 14.40.55

Frank Sinatra and fans. Does this type of boundary-crossing still occur? I feel like if there were repercussions for this lady, they wouldn’t be anywhere near as harsh as they would be today. Though, well worth it nonetheless.

2015-03-07 14.41.43

Do I spy a young Jason Alexander? I would never have guessed that he modeled for Levi’s. Now that is some party trivia.

2015-03-07 14.41.48

He really doesn’t want your hot dog.

2015-03-07 14.45.49

Bowie serving face.

2015-03-07 14.50.37

Patrick Swayze and C. Thomas Howell. I’m not sure who the woman is. I’m also not sure what the point of this spread would have been…according to the wealth of the internet, these guys didn’t have a movie in 1985… they did Red Dawn in 1984, and of course The Outsiders in 1983. Let’s just enjoy it for what it is then.

2015-03-07 15.02.01

Another candy-colored absurd beer ad.

2015-03-07 15.05.52

No words.

2015-03-07 15.06.10

Nearly 30 years ago.

2015-03-07 15.07.16

HERo! i rode the 1 train next to her for a few stops once. Magical.

2015-03-07 15.07.55

Why couldn’t actual year book photos be as cool as these? (From the Rolling Stone Yearbook 1984.)

2015-03-07 15.10.39

i lurve me some Michael Keaton.

2015-03-07 15.11.10

Hold the phone kids. UHAUL used to rent out clunky portable vcrs? And called it Haullywood?! That just makes me think of Pauly Shore. I wonder how many of these things are in landfills.

2015-03-07 15.13.46

Time to swing back to high brow.

Prince is manicured royalty. The precision that must go into maintaining such a look!

2015-03-07 15.15.41

2015-03-07 15.22.50

A guy I once dated (who was a teenager in the 80s) claimed that I reminded him of Belinda Carlisle. I don’t know how I feel about that. Like what era of Belinda Carlisle, ya know?

2015-03-07 15.24.24

Fairuza Balk!

2015-03-07 15.29.49

Young love. I can’t wait for Chrissie Hynde’s autobiography, due later this year.

2015-03-07 15.30.28

Look at those eyes. Are you mad about having to get your photo taken, Bob, or that you’re not wearing a shirt?

2015-03-07 15.36.13

Behold the engineering feat that was breakdancing sneakers.

2015-03-07 15.42.09

Only for the elite!

2015-03-07 15.36.56

May 1984. I went to grad school with a girl who didn’t know who Cyndi Lauper is. I was insulted by her ignorance. INSULTED.

2015-03-07 15.37.03

I mean, the kid was raised in a strict religious home in the some podunk Southern town, so I guess that’s how such ignorance exists. Sad.

2015-03-07 15.44.04

There’s a nice shirt Bob. And some overwhelming track pants on Dave. I wonder why he has his hands so timidly placed in front of his groin.

2015-03-07 15.49.42

So cool.

2015-03-07 15.50.54

2015-03-07 15.52.39


2015-03-07 15.59.27

The brilliance of this image is dumbfounding.

2015-03-07 16.01.42

This is such a lovely illustration for a film. I wish there were more ads like this.

2015-03-07 16.03.44

I have a Blaupunkt in my 2004 Ford! The Ultimate in Complete Car Sound Systems. Supposedly.

2015-03-07 16.04.24

What is he pointing at? Did he break his pinky? Is it crooked? He looks pretty out of it.

2015-03-07 16.13.58

More nerdy Letterman, this time with a helping of Franken!

2015-03-07 16.15.51

When the Camcorder was new. I think my aunt still has hers.

2015-03-07 16.16.06

Talk about a boom time for technology. Leather briefs!

2015-03-07 16.16.51

This cover is so beautiful. The composition, the color of the print. The fierce eyebrow game and cheekbones.

2015-03-07 16.17.31

I couldn’t believe that multiple sclerosis made the pages of Rolling Stone. I’m sure my dad would’ve heard about this benefit for Ronnie Lane (Faces, The Small Faces), years before his own diagnosis. I wonder if he gave it a passing thought.

2015-03-07 16.24.17

Perhaps more unbelievably, they dedicated an entire cover to Ronnie Lane’s fight, and his mates’ efforts to raise awareness. The charity concerts supported Action into Research for Multiple Sclerosis (ARMS) in 1983, which is an organization I had never heard of. This gets me in the feels. 2015-03-07 16.19.01

Anyhoo. Here’s Steve Jobs with his baby.

2015-03-07 16.19.20

Joe Strummer. A member of the elite group of men who have roamed this earth and shown me what men are capable of being, therefore raising my standards to an unconscionably high level.

2015-03-07 16.21.53


2015-03-07 16.25.15


2015-03-09 18.16.19

2015-03-09 18.17.10

2015-03-09 18.18.39

They were such babies! Damn right the Stray Cats were great faces of 1983.

2015-03-09 18.19.33

Subtley risque.

2015-03-09 18.20.05

u2 by david montgomery

2015-03-09 18.25.54

I wonder how many people wasted money on this.

2015-03-09 18.26.00

2015-03-09 18.32.29

Nylon billfolds is such a nicer way of saying velcro wallet.

2015-03-09 18.36.53

Merry Christmas indeed.

2015-03-09 18.43.51

Now those are power suits.

2015-03-09 18.46.14

I can’t get enough of young Jerry Harrison. Patrick Fugit needs to play him in a movie.

2015-03-09 18.48.08

Now that’s a centerfold.

2015-03-09 18.47.44


2015-03-09 18.56.08

Catherine O’Hara being all experimental.

2015-03-09 19.00.40

It’s hard to believe he’s English.

2015-03-09 19.03.05

2015-03-09 19.08.03

A seemingly out of place, yet very welcome fashion spread about sunglasses.

2015-03-09 19.10.11

Pee Wee!!!

2015-03-09 19.11.14


2015-03-09 19.13.05

You didn’t think I’d go a post without Hall and Oates, didja?

2015-03-09 19.13.11

Bonus! G.E. Smith right under that 9!

2015-03-09 19.14.14

I love this pose so much. it’s such a small gesture but it speaks volumes.

2015-03-09 19.24.24

Gilda! Put down the soda!

2015-03-09 19.27.17

2015-03-09 19.33.23

2015-03-09 19.36.50

Prince again. He must’ve sold issues.

2015-03-09 19.37.37

And given the lace industry a boost.

2015-03-09 19.41.17

2015-03-09 19.41.57

This gave me newfound interest in Joan Baez. Obviously I know that she and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. were both alive and active in their respective careers at the same time, but seeing them together was like fitting a puzzle piece into a big puzzle. For some reason I don’t often think of folk music when I think of the civil rights movement, and vice versa, which is silly because they are so obviously relative.

Upon preliminary research, I learned that Baez is half Mexican and half Scottish. What a combination.

2015-03-09 19.43.11

I just like this.

2015-03-09 19.48.27

Dudley Moore! The Sex Thimble!

2015-03-09 19.49.32

2015-03-09 19.50.56

The McGarrigles! Featuring elementary-age Rufus Wainwright on the far left! I’m not sure which one is Martha.

2015-03-09 19.52.15

I knew there was another picture of Brian Setzer in this grouping. So much look.

2015-03-09 19.53.52

I daresay he got better with age.

Until next time!

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